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B&T Hob-Nob With Liberty ExecTravis Edmonson passed away. Read obits here, here, and here. Read Steve Edmonson's tribute here, and many other tributes @

A memorial for Travis will be held Thursday, May 28, 2009 at 3 pm at St. Philips In The Hills Episcopal Church, 4440 North Campbell Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85718.

Welcome to the Bud and Travis Home Page!

Bud and Travis (Bud Dashiell and Travis Edmonson, pictured here with Al Bennett, head of Liberty Records) were a part of the late-50s, early 60s American folk explosion, the same scene that produced such notable folk acts as Ian and Sylvia, Harry Belafonte, The New Christy Minstrels, The Brothers Four, The Chad Mitchell Trio, Peter, Paul, and Mary, and most popular of all, The Kingston Trio. Of all these great performers, Bud and Travis had the fewest hit singles and the smallest popular following. Nonetheless, the quality of their musicianship and the timelessness of their material has ensured that they are still remembered by many folk fans.  Moreover, their influence is plainly heard in and widely acknowledged by a slew of more contemporary artists, including David Crosby, Linda Ronstadt, Los Lobos, and Ava Victoria.

Frank Hamilton, a noted guitarist (formerly of the Weavers and Frank and Valucha) who played with Bud and Travis many times at Chicago's Gate of Horn, remarks: "Bud and Travis were, in my humble opinion, two of the most musical of musicians in the pop-folk field. This, of course, was our commonality. Although they were great entertainers, they both were gifted in their musicality. Their guitar arrangements were beautiful."

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LOST B&T: @ THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL!! Are you kiddin' me??
Click the "Play" button below to hear it!

Bud & Travis: Live @ The Hollywood Bowl, 1965

Set List: Gimme Some, South Coast, No Me Quieras Tanto, They Call The Wind Mariah, It Was A Very Good Year, How Long How Long Blues, Cielito Lindo Son Juasteco, Cloudy Summer Afternoon, Alma Llanera, Abilene, La Bamba.

Latest News: This is awesome! A "lost" Bud and Travis concert from the Hollywood Bowl is now being presented in the "Newstalgia" section of the great "Crooks and Liars" website. It is absolutely incredible! It may well be the latest known recording of B&T before their ultimate break-up.

Go here to actually download the concert: There is an option to download a full-length MP3 of the concert, so be sure to do this download before the show goes away! The concert has been re-presented on for the past several weeks, but it is chopped up and presented a section at a time on different pages. To grab the entire MP3 file, go to Newstalgia.

Enjoy! And . . . what a find, people! Awesome!

Thanks, Dad: I would like to include here a brief thank you to my loving father.  If it were not for the pure serendepity of my father strolling into a Bay City record store in 1961--some 8 years before I was even born--and buying copies of several Bud and Travis LPs, none of this would have ever happened.  "This" is the official Bud and Travis web site.  "This" is the Bud and Travis re-issue CDs from Collector's Choice and Folk Era.  "This" is all the great on-line friends I have met over the past five years while maintaining this web site. "This" is the fact that the Bud and Travis web site is the single greatest accomplishment of my life so far, along with my wife Jennifer and my two beautiful sons!

My father passed away in July 2001.  Dad, I love you and miss you so much. Although the web site has always been unofficially dedicated to you and your unflinching great taste, I now "formally" dedicate it all to you.  Vincero!

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